M-Landarch Co., LTD is partnered with worldwide well-known simulation companies is which using the system for training. It creates high benefits such as time and cost saving, health prevention, new scenario experiences. Currently, M-Landarch Co.,LTD has been holding two simulation projects which are Smart Scenario Generators (SSG War-game System) From Hartech and Virtual Battlespace 4 (VBS4) from Bohemia Interactive Simulation. 

For Smart Scenario Generators (SSG Wargame System)

Wargaming Solution led by Hartech Technologies, it is able to support the simulation of more than fifteen divisions interactive and in real time Wargame. The simulator also allows users to have interaction between entity to entity which includes real battle field operations, weapons, sensors, electronic warfare, maneuvering, fire support, air defense, engineering, logistics, command and control, and communication. SSG War-game System allows users to have their own decision making and impose any actions by themselves without any limitations based on real human decision making.

For Virtual Battlespace 4 (VBS4)

VBS4 provides simulation training in which simulate and help for tactical training, mission rehearsal, and new scenario practicing in a small scale but full functions where users can access to every warfare operations. The program allows users to have Prepare-Execute-Assess phases where they can set up their own scenario as a mission, planning on their doctrines and behaviors, and revise the performances from all the mission after it is completed. With their 2D and 3D that are nearly real battlefield, it can help motivate users to have more experience with war fare even more.

Flight Sim

Real Sims LLC  is a US-based Systems Engineering and Hardware/Software development company

offering fixed and full motion flight simulators, and platform specific Computer Based & Virtual Maintenance Training. FTD Level 5 simulator with the associated Computer Based Training (CBT) systems.