Raven is a lightweight Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) designed for rapid deployment and high mobility for both military and commercial applications, requiring low-altitude intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR). Raven is the most prolific small UAS deployed with the U.S.A Armed Forces. The vehicle can be operated manually or programmed for autonomous operation, utilizing the system’s advanced avionics and precise GPS navigation.


Building on a legacy of continuous improvement, the Puma 3 AE offers system level enhancements for use in land and maritime operations. The Puma 3 AE empowers the operator with an operational flexibility never before available in the small USA class including upgrades for secondary payloads and third party applications. Equipped with the all new Mantis i45 Gimbal, the aircraft system provides high resolution imagery for day, night, and low light operations in extreme environments. Operators can also manually or autonomously navigate the Puma 3 AE while gaining real-time situational awareness and actionable intelligence through AeroVironment’s common ground control system 


Wasp AE is the all-environment version of the battle proven Wasp lll Micro Air Vehicle (MAV). With special design considerations for maritime and land operations, Wasp AE delivers exceptional features of superior imagery, increased endurance and ease of use that is inherent in all AeroVironment USA solutions. This lightweight, unmanned aircraft system (UAS) is operated by AeroVironment’s battle proven Ground Control Station (GCS). This common GCS is also compatible with Raven and Puma AE